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Digital Media Corporate Communications

I've been looking into corporate comms recently and the more I delve ,the more I see so many large companies are struggling to get relevant, interesting information out to their staff in a timely fashion with minimal effort.

Independent research (source Gatehouse consulting) shows that 45% of corporate staff believe communication from their line managers is poor.

We have seen a deep decline in the proactive use of company intranets and the huger to use more animated, media rich content ever increasing.

For us, this is where a digital media network can be invaluable.  These systems allow an organisation to take full control of nationwide media and information distribution, in a simple and manageable way.

Increased awareness , integration with key business tools such as sales force, call stats, sales figures ,C-Level video broadcast plus increased productivity, meeting room efficiency just to name a few benefits.

We have worked on a few projects like this recently where our customers wanted to send global/HQ information out to 000's of locations  but also give the local line managers a certain area or section of a playlist. All the content is controlled to give a consistent look and feel, but with the ability to have an unlimited number of content contributors (one's that didn't have to be IT experts or graphics designers!)  Tie this into creating dynamically changing animations (charts, graphs) that are fed from usually boring looking databases or spreadsheets make the system content rich with automated sources. Add some interesting feeds such as local weather, traffic and travel and you start to create  a really useful media system that is a benefit rather than yet another unused business tool.

Don't forget , you can use the same technology to inform and entertain your visitors too. Whether it be reception displays (please do more than show BBC news...please!!!) lift lobby way finding or an interactive 'wow factor' piece. 

These technology solutions can easily expand into IP video features with video on demand  to give the ability for centrally managed training videos, corporate broadcast channels, town hall live feeds etc Again, just another selling point to help confirm the return on investment. 

Think your business may be suffering or want any further information , please just drop me a line 


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