Gucci - Interactive Retail Case Study

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Gucci - Interactive Retail Case Study


Engaging customers with fresh and creative campaigns is one of the major challenges facing retailers today. Brands are constantly fighting to get your attention and keep it. One new approach is "retail theatre" providing an immersive experience crucially without changing the customer in store journey.

In the crowded perfume market that's hard. People usually stop, spray and move on in a matter of seconds. Now luxury brands like Gucci are using technology to keep their attention. Digital screens behind display stands are activated when a perfume bottle is picked up, flashing images to seduce you.

The trial across 32 stores produced > 60% increase in sales by brand and an increase across the category of > 3%.  The solution is now being deployed globally.

The solution also enabled a consistent message to be delivered and reused the same video content created for TV and web to be displayed in store, creating an Omni-Presence.  This can then be updated remotely and regularly.

Intevi have developed a unique technology solution that allows the retail industry to simply add this customer engagement, and is delivered using technologies that don't change the customer journey or present technology barriers.

This can range from simply monitoring and reporting customer engagement, by product, to the full interactive experience where the customer action affects the environment triggering video content, or the surrounding lighting.

For the Gucci unit, this was achieved using pressure sensors under the tester bottles that detected when the bottle had been lifted (a natural customer action) and immediately triggered Reward video content on the screen behind the testers.

The pressure sensors also allowed the fullness of the testers to be monitored remotely and proactively replaced before they ran out. "you don't sell perfume if you can't smell it".

A wide range of solutions are available to meet every budget.



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