Importance of Good Content

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Importance of Good Content


This guide provides basic design and usage criteria for those wishing to create stunning digital signage media



Before starting to think about digital sigange technology, at Intevi we advise to start thinking about your content before selecting or worrying about equipment.



Viewers of digital signage are typically moving from one place to another,waiting or involved in some other primary activity such as shopping, eating,resting, being entertained, observing, study, etc.


They scan and pay very little attention to messages they don't imediately see as relevant.


  • They are drawn to look at moving images, faces in motion and subjects they like
  • They ignore messages that are difficult or too busy to read
  • They want to see a complete message but only in the time span they

    have as they pass by

Your message must catch them in under 58 seconds



The design of digital signage slides should be clean, simple, attractive, appropriate and brief, with a maximum of 10-18 words on each slide. Using multiple image slides as a series in order to communicate a single subject can extend this limited word count.


The viewer should be able to comprehend single image slides within 5 seconds and a series of image slides within 8- 10 seconds.


Key principles to keep in mind are brevity of your content, thoughtful design placement, and a clear call to action


An example of Intevi's in-house design capability;






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