Placing Digital Signage Displays

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Placing Digital Signage Displays

Placing Digital Signage Displays


When considering digital signage, where should displays be placed? The placement of displays is just as important as the content and messaging.

First step is to review the floor plan, the target audience and the intended purpose of the content.




1. Visit the areas of interest and take into consideration foot traffic patterns,

congregation points and environmental obstacles.


2. Who is the target audience and what

are they there to do? Are they there to

shop, locate something, order food, be

entertained, etc?


3. What are the messaging goals? Will

communication be with staff, guests,

customers, students, patients, etc, and

will they need to interact with the

displays? Displays should be mounted in areas that address these audiences



4. What size are the proposed displays? 32 inch, 42 inch, 52 inch bigger

or smaller?


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