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DVB Enterprise Gateway

The IDT DVB Gateway is an Enterprise class device and can provide management for up to 4 quad DVB tuner cards in a single chassis. A fully populated chassis can handle up to 16 different multiplexes and broadcast hundereds of individual channels. The DVB Gateway is fully manageable by the IDT management server, providing an intuitive interface for tuning and channel selection.
Local diagnostics also report channel strength.

Dimensions1U Chassis (430*320*46mm)
ProcessorAMD Embedded G-Series SoC (Quad Core, 2GHz)
Memory4GB DDR3 1333
GraphicsIntegrated AMD Radeon HD
APUAMD Embedded G-Series SoC
Ethernet2x LAN Gbit/100Mbit/10Mbit
Storage1x SATA 6.0 Gb/s
LPC1x LPC support TPM module
Display Interface1x HDMI, 1x VGA(The reserved connection)
USB2 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0
Expansion Interface1 x Full-Size Mini-PCIe (w/USB, PCI x 1 Single)
SBC Dimension128*104mm
Operating SystemsMicrosoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 7/8 embedded Standard, Microsoft Windows 7 Embedded Compact
SVB Tuner card supportUp to 16 TV Tuners (4 TV tuner PCIe cards)
DVB Standalone Gateway


The DVB Gateway is a stand alone appliance that can decode terrestrial DVB-T/T2/C signals and broadcast up to five independent channels from any transport stream on separate IP multicast addresses. This cost effective solution is ideal to create a head end solution for an IPTV solution, or can be used in isolation to deliver streamed TV signals for displaying as part of a digital signage solution.

T2 decoding enables the device to deliver HD content on the network and a single DVB Gateway can deliver the complete Freeview HD mulltiplex as separate IP channels. The DVB Standealone Gateway is automatically discoverable on the network using a UDP beacon and can be controlled fully using a fully functional UDP API.

Frequency Range470-858MHz
DemodulationDVB-T/T2 COFDM 2k, 8k
Bandwidth7/8 MHz automatic selection by region
Input Level*60 - 80 dBaV (-47 to -27 dBm)
Input Impedance75 Ohm unbalanced
ConnectorIEC DIN Jack
Noise Figure5.5 - 7dB
IF centre frequency36.167 MHz
Connector1 x RJ45 (management & multicast)
Network FormatUDP Command
DHCP SupportYes
Streaming FormatUDP Multicast
Processing ModesFull Stream - Full transport stream, transparent mode. Single Multicast IP out. MPTS - Filter Mode, selected channels only with table rebuild. Single multicast IP out. SPTS - Multi channel mode, selected channels (5 maximum), with table rebuild. Multiple Multicast IP out (5 maximum).
SAPSAP Support automatic SPTS mode.
DC Connector2.1mm DC Connector
Power7.5 - 12V DC 2.5W Typ.
Dimensions140 x 107 x 57mm