IDR 822-4P

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The idr 822-4P was a customised design developed for the Gucci Orient Express interactive point of of sale units and includes a local 5V distribution to provide centralised power management for the signage players minimising connectivity in the field.

Running a custom control interface the idr-822P provides the intelligence at the heart of the system that translates a customer action to a direct message that can trigger the digital signage player.

The unit is network manageable, and when used with a communication connection is capable of delivering real time data tracking for example the fullness of the testers, or the popularity of one fragrance over another.

The system supports 8 independently opto-isolated analogue inputs, with adjustable polarity and bias to maximise the sensory sensitivity enabling it to be used with a wide range of sensors from force sensitive pressure sensors, to light or motion detection. Two digital inputs and two close contact relay connections are also available for additional trigger points, and could be used for example to trigger an LED light controller.


You can see the unit in action, working with tether pull cables and a digital signage display here;