IDT (Intevi Digital Television)

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The Intevi IDT Range is a feature rich hardware & software solution for the delivery of digital video streams and managed content over an IP network to TV displays and PCs. The Digital Television Range is designed to be a simple to use, yet fully functional solution, with features that will help your organisation manage and distribute a range of media sources.


IPTV Systems have a number of benefits over traditional TV delivery systems, including:


  • Ease of Setup/Operation
  • Usage of existing infastructure
  • Fully scalable system


The modular head end supports both terrestrial and satellite feeds with support for DVB T/T2/S/S2/C/QAM and ATSC. Encoded feeds such as set top boxes, Cameras or DVD players in SD or full HD can also be handled by the system. The multi user web based central management system allows for total control and through the portal, users can easily configure and manage all the hardware through a single interface.


Templates can be applied to brand the TV channels and the messages or alerts can be sent to individual groups or all screens. Set top boxes are managed in groups, enabling unique channel line ups, templates and defaults to be set and controlled centrally.


A mobile application extends this simple control to your handheld device.







Each display device in the Intevi IDT system can be uniquely controlled and system actions can be applied across a group of screens. Branded templates can be displayed in two modes with full or minimal branding. The system operator can centrally control channel selection, apply different templates or send full screen alerts or display on screen messages on individual, groups or all screens.