Intevi Audience Measurement System

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The Intevi (AMS) system gives retailers and brands the power to know how shoppers are responding to visual messaging, and how they move through retail environments and other consumer spaces.

AMS provides objective, quantitative measurement and analysis of what consumers are doing in retail and other spaces—all in real-time and aggregated reporting. Using anonymous sensors and highly sophisticated computer algorithms, AMS accurately counts the potential and actual audiences for visual messages and merchandising. It profiles viewers by variables as broad as gender and age range, to as specific as viewing times and durations.

Using Intevi's in-house programming we can also provide a solution where the content shown on a digital screen is changed dependent on the viewer's age and gender 

To learn more about the INTEL powered software, please watch



The online software allows the customer to run custom reports from the cameras. Reports based on time of day, daily total viewiers, gender and age dispertion and more, below is an example showing audience by time of day for a single location