Intevi Digital Menu Board

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Using the latest technology Intevi gives food retailers the potential to turn their traditional, static menu boards into vibrant, eye catching and dynamically changing digital posters.

From the Intevi central management system you can control an unlimited number of menu boards, anywhere in the world from the click of a button.

We can design, supply, install and maintain your entire network of stores and screens and give you the ability to manage, change and schedule digital artwork (or we can even do that too!) Our existing menu board customers have already shown a huge cost saving from traditional print not to mention the time taken for changes to occur.

We advise customers to look at their existing print costs and work with us to produce a solution to put digital posters in its place, the cost saving over 2-3 years is staggering.

The other benefit of digital menu boards is the ability to show animated product promotions. These can be changed automatically and from our experience have shown a sales uplift of 40-65%.

It is also proven that animated content is 65% more noticeable than static print and can help transform ‘dead’ customer wait time into promotional opportunities and influence purchase decisions at the critical moment.

The digital menu boards not only help with artwork turn around time but also help bring down the actual continued design costs. Where-as most print needs to be designed and proofed from scratch each time a change is to be made, our menu boards can re-use content and just have editable fields such as product name, price and image. Again, this gives a very quick return on investment.

The question isn’t why you should or shouldn’t have menu boards, but why haven’t you already?


  • Proven cost saving compared to printed menu boards Effective, vibrant, eye catching animated artwork 60% up lift in product sales 
  • Very simple process to change content, you don’t need to be a designer or an IT expert Time taken to change artwork reduced from 6 weeks to 6 minutes 
  • Staggering ROI figures in short time periods 
  • Automatically change menus, pricing and promotions depending on a range of triggers 
  • Animated content and product promotions more noticeable to the eye Re-enforce brand image whilst influencing customers purchase decision 
  • Ability to have global price and menu but with local store offers (HQ and local control) Intelligent technology ensures minimal environmental impact


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