Intevi Indoor LED Displays

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UK Based Intevi LED display solutions focus on supporting our partners and removing any risk from adopting LED technologies.
Our experience in bringing new technologies to the UK allowed us to create services which support and protect our partners, including full UK warranties.
Our product specialists work closely with customers to provide the best possible solution, including product assessments, mounting/hanging solutions and processing.
We look to remove all risk from adopting new technologies from our partners through our specialist services. We will review and witness test all LED products at the factory before shipping to the UK, and build and test the product before delivery.
Our experienced technical team are available for set-up and calibration of the LED display including mounting or hanging. 
Once the project is completed we will support our partner and product throughout its lifecycle using our full UK support and warranty service
Ranging from 1.25mm pixel pitch upwards
Intevi are fully trained and certified to supply and install the globally recognised Absen product;