What is IPTV? (Internet Protocol Television)

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What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TV. An IPTV system deployed within a business enables hundreds of channels of TV and video to be viewed on an unlimited number of TVs and PCs connected to your existing data network.

The TV or video signals are converted into streams of data which pass over the network in the same way as other data traffic. A particular form of transmission known as IP multicasting, is used to minimize the demand on network bandwidth. At the viewing point, all the available sources are listed and controls are provided to select which source is viewed.
TVs are connected to your network by a small IP Receiver controlled using an infra red remote control handset. PC users do not require any additional hardware and select channels using a control panel displayed on the PC screen.


Why use IPTV for TV distribution?

By using an IPTV solution to stream TV and video over your data network, wherever you have a network outlet you can connect a TV or a PC to display the channels you choose and control.

IPTV systems distribute TV and video from any source. Satellite TV, Freeview TV, studio outputs, pre recorded educational and training programs and corporate broadcasts are all displayed consistently at the highest quality at all points thanks to digital technology.

IPTV brings new levels of control and flexibility to TV distribution. The screen based interface through which users select channels can be customized to your exact requirements reflecting corporate colors and branding. The same interface can provide access to an indexed library of video content which, depending on your industry, might contain training material, Health and Safety information, films, multimedia presentations or recordings of live performances and live TV.

In public areas and work spaces, IPTV enables TVs to be used to project high quality digital signage and information displays under centralized control providing the perfect tool for communication, imaginative marketing, projection of corporate image and publicizing your greatest achievements.

IPTV distribution offers managerial control of which channels can be viewed at which points and office moves become simple, quick and non technical. Costs, space and energy are saved by dispensing with Freeview Set Top Boxes, video recorders and even TVs where PC viewing is adopted.

An IPTV solution leverages the investment in your data network to extend TV to the desktop and bring stunning quality pictures to your big screens.


IPTV leverages the investment in your data network to produce a TV and video reception and distribution solution with an unmatched combination of scalability, flexibility and value.

  • Distributes live or prerecorded TV and video/audio over existing data network
  • Unlimited distribution to every network connected TV / PC
  • Capacity for hundreds of TV and video sources
  • Digital quality consistent across all viewing points
  • Managerial control over individual viewing
  • Flexible, controllable signage and corporate branding
  • No additional hardware, cabling or power required at PC viewing points
  • Office moves and changes become simple, quick and non technical
  • No distance limitations on viewing points
  • Dispenses with Freeview Set Top Boxes and video recorders
  • Manageable bandwidth requirements
  • Does not compromise network security
  • Industry standards based
  • Highly modular and readily expandable at any stage
  • Space saving professional equipment installation
  • Facility for live or scheduled recording of live TV provides the functionality of a video recorder with hard disk storage (Personnal Video Recorder)
  • Costs, space and energy are saved by dispensing with Freeview Set Top Boxes, video recorders and even TVs where PC viewing is adopted
  • Distribute channels over WAN links for viewing at remote sites
  • Create your own Video On Demand library for training and reference
  • High Definition TV (HDTV) support