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Scala Solutions available from Intevi Ltd 

As a global provider of digital communication software, Scala creates intelligent digital signage solutions that move products, consumers, and employees. Scala solutions increase sales, improve brand loyalty, optimize customer experience, and reinforce corporate communications. Scala is …

·      Attention Grabbing: Influence the customer in the store where the decision is made

·      Dynamic: Create interactive or dynamic content according to your audience demographics

·      Cost-Effective: Eliminates the need to print and distribute static signs

·      Versatile: Supports a complete spectrum of digital signage platforms

·      Centralized: Control hundreds of displays around the world from one central location


Solutions for every industry

Scala offers 25 years of experience in digital signage for all sectors, including corporate communications, retail, restaurants, banking, government, healthcare, education, entertainment and many more. Customers including giant networks such as Burger King rely on Scala to engage with customers and drive up business.

passive signage

interactive signage

wayfinding solutions
high performance PC solutions
low cost non PC solutions such as Photo frames etc
integrated App solutions
on Premise or SaaS
experiential solutions
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