Touchscreen Wayfinders

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Touchscreen Wayfinder Solution

Touchscreen Wayfinder solutions are the ideal way to help your customers find their way to their destination with the minimum of interaction with members of your staff. The easy to use touchscreen kiosks can save you time, money and resources by enabling your customers to fully and easily utilise everything you have to offer.

Our solution is ideal for Shopping Centers, Theme & Amusements Parks, Office buildings, Hospitals, Airports, Supermarkets, City Centres and more, the apaptable indoor/outdoor solution can be fitted in almost any environment.



Digital Directions

> Relieve directional frustration by offering an easy to use touchscreen wayfinding solution.

> Scroll through, staff, departments, meeting rooms and more.

> Multi-touch capabilities, updatable and interactive information.

Property Wayfinding

> Integrate property maps for more accuracy.

> Dynamically illustrate with animated directional arrows andother prompts.

> Promote events, services and other activities.

3D Mapping

> Realistic 3D multi-building representation.

> Updatable and dynamic.

> Create virtual environments that can integrate to pathways.

Mobile Wayfinding

> Embed QR Codes or customer URL, or available as a downloadable iOS/Android native App.