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All New Room Finder for Digital Room Booking System


A professional, cost-effective and modern wayfinder solution, which is ideal for offices with multiple meeting rooms. It displays easy to read meeting room information, as well as directions for visitors, for use screens in reception areas, lobbies and other office space in order to supplement your IDB solution.

Minimal Configuration

Unlike many other alternative on the market, the Room Finder add-on requires almost no additional configuration. Once your chosen version of the Room Display software is installed, adding Room Finder is as simple as flipping a switch to tell the system what room you want to be displayed in what part of the office. 




Central Administration:
Centralized administration via Room Display Center (web based)

Custom Languages:
Supports all languages through user generated translations, with English as the default. 

Room Display Center:
Features simple and logical control swithces and pushes out setting to your display units. 

Seamless Integration:
Room Finder integrates seamlessly and effortlessly with most IT environments. It can work inside or outside a company’s network firewall. 

Highly customizable:
Highly customizable interface, with theoptiontochangethereservation info, welcome text, background and logo.

Can operate in either landscape or portrait mode depending on location and preference.